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Griddy is an electrical energy wholesaler whose base of operation is in California. It’s a significant energy distributor in areas within Texas since its 2017 debut. They work differently from standard energy retailers of the monthly fee.  With Griddy, you pay your electric bill under the market value.  The charges are not predetermined rates with little forgeries!

How does Griddy work? 

As the only electricity corporation harmonizing Texans to wholesale energy, Griddy doesn’t involve intermediaries. They directly link you with the lowest costs from energy.  Legitimacy starts instantly from their smartphone app. It provides 5 minutes of updates on your energy consumption and gives you ultimate ideas on lowering the consumption rate. Since Griddy gives you all the data you need to track your consumption, their work becomes transparent. 

For a monthly fee of $10,  you stay connected with Griddy as a member through Griddy mobile app or directly to a wholesale energy market. Theoretically, you may incur some variable expenses that marketing energy providers and business regulars pay in real time. 

However, that may be inaccurate. Plentiful traditional electricity suppliers are offering constant rate prices for the contract at different times. With Griddy, your rate for the deal is fixed all-year-long at $10.

Griddy Electricity Rates 

You can see Griddy rates and prices for the real electrical consumption in the Griddy app. Usually, their pricing lies between 0.0cents/kWh-$9/kWh. However, under normal circumstances, the average Griddy customers pay 8.8 cents/ kWh. The average Texas rate is 11.3 cents /kWh, meaning you save money on electrical bills.

Typically the 96.1% of the time, prices usually are lower than 6cents/kWh. The 3.3 % of the time is within 6 cents to 30 cents per kilowatt.  And while the 0.5 % of the time charges ranges within 30 cents to $1, the other 0.1 %is above $1/kWh

However, Griddy LMP rates are not fixed since changes occur after every 5 minutes. Fortunately, they give you updates on your smartphone at the 5-minute interlude.


What are the other Griddy charges? 



The local utility is the charges incurred during the maintenance and distribution of energy. Should you use Griddy as your wholesaler, they shall arrange for electricity distribution to your home through the local utility. 

The local utility is also responsible for doing meter reading. Also, it’s fully functional in electricity restoration should there be a blackout.  The local utility fee is typically passed to you at the Griddy standard rate. There are no extra costs.  



Ancillary services are expenses from (electric reliability council of Texas) ERCOT to all REPs in the market.  They account for the sustenance of the grid and the upkeep of grid reliability. Also, they minimize the indemnity cost necessities for ERCOT. 

Ancillary charges are calculated based on KWh on the daily usage.  They show up on your grid app dashboard below the wholesale electricity label.  



Griddy connects you to wholesale electricity suppliers directly. You get to buy electricity at the same price as the other electricity retailers.  Members are needed to pay a monthly based fee for membership. Thereon they access the real market price for electricity at no extra formulated costs. 

However, the membership fee varies. One is designated for residents, while the other one is for businesses. The residential membership fee is $9.99. On the other hand, a business’s price is determined by usage. 

For instance, 0-5,000 kWh costs $9.99. From 5,000-15,000 kWh, it will cost you $99.  While ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 kWh costs $199, 30,000 kWh to 60,000 shall cost $299. Should go beyond this range, negotiations may be brought by Griddy to the deal table. 



These fees generally originate from the local utility. They are passed to you precisely the way they are. Typically they come up once you ask the local utility to perform some electrical services in your business or home.

The fee details pop up amongst the line stuff in your Griddy report. They are not encompassed in the average price per kWh on your EFL. Further fee variations are common. They hinge on the utility serving your area.  



What is it like to be in business with Griddy? 

Griddy mode of payment is different. They use prepaid billing. As much as Texas residents are used to monthly bills like gas and water bills, Griddy does not process bills based on months.  Once you sign with them, you pay $49 which acts as a credit in your account. At the instant you start using electricity, deductions on the credit of your account start.  Should the credit get lower than $25, the amount shall be refilled by charging your credit card. However, the amount is predefined by you, and it usually ranges from $49-$500. 

Hinging on your refill sum and your monthly consumption, you can turn out with zero bills or more bills on your once-a-month credit card report.  Additionally, prepaid billing is beneficial to people with bad credit since no deposit is needed. However, it can be challenging for folks who are accustomed to handling their bills on monthly budgets. 

The eligibility requirements for Griddy prepaid service:

  1. Your residential location is in the vicinity of the mounted advanced metering order. 
  2. Griddy will only issue to residents who are not in critical care condition.  Accordingly, this is done to ensure the power supply is consistent and to avoid any danger from the cause. 
  3. You are eligible as long as you have active communication modes with Griddy. That can be either through email or mobile phones. Communications come in handy when there is important information concerning your account. 
  4. Should you be a commercial client, your POLR customer class is classified small (50 Kw highest demand). For the medium one,  50-1000kw is the highest mandate. They do not account for big business meters. 


Deferred payment plan

Eligibility for the deferred payment plan is on the condition that your account has a deficit of $50. Also, when your state is an emergency declaration and PUCT directs the deferred payments. 

Your document for the deferred payment shall have the particular facts for your planHowever, once you are in the deferred payment zone, Griddy issues a switch hold.  For this reason, you won’t be able to use other retail electrical suppliers until your payment plan is fully paid. 

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