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Blog Dec 12, 2014

The Early Bird’s Guide to Saving Energy After Moving to Your New Home

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The Early Bird’s Guide to Saving Energy After Moving to Your New Home

Spring will be here in a few months, and usually the new house you move into isn’t 100% energy efficient. Find out what to look for in this post.

Are you thinking about buying a new house in a few months? Maybe you’re getting a jumpstart on all the other house hunters right now so you can get the house you want.

Nice idea – it’s hard to take action when no one else is moving!

But even though you’re thinking of a new house that’s new to you, that doesn’t mean it’s completely energy efficient. In fact, it could be much less energy efficient than the one you own right now.

What should you check for?

A few ideas

1. Upgrade CFLs to LEDs

Hopefully you don’t run into ancient incandescent bulbs. But, if you really want to get maximum energy savings, swap those CFLs out for LEDs. They’re becoming more affordable almost by the day.

2. What’s That Smell?

So this new house you moved into – does it smell kind of weird? That smell could be mold, radon, or even carbon monoxide. The problem could be fixed by changing your furnace’s filter, or checking your home for proper ventilation. It won’t just fix the smell – you could improve your energy efficiency too.

3. Got a Damp Basement? Could be a Costly Water Leak!

This could come directly through your foundation, or even from cracks around doors and windows. It could also be from one of the many pipes servicing your plumbing system.

Hopefully you got it caught when doing your due diligence so it’s on the seller to pay for it, but repair those leaks right now yourself if you haven’t done so already!

4. Is It Humid Inside?

That could be water seeping through the dirt floor in your basement or beneath your house. Cover the dirt with plastic and you’ll notice it’s not so steamy inside of your home.

5. Make Sure You Truly Have One of the Best Contractors in the Area!

A report by McKinsey & Company, asserts that contractors install “90 percent” of energy efficiency upgrades “suboptimally.” This hikes heating and cooling costs by up to “30 percent!”

So if you do need to make a change in your home, research contractors extensively.

Unfortunately, moving to a new home doesn’t mean that everything’s in place and done perfectly for you. But if you follow these tips, you will keep your energy efficiency high and save good money over the long run!

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