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Blog Oct 24, 2016

How to Stop Your Fireplace from Driving Up Your Energy Bills

Energy Saving

It’s beautiful to look at and gives you warm, fuzzy feelings. It puts your spouse in the perfect romantic mood. And when you get your family together, you get a sense of unity you could otherwise never have.

Your fireplace does a lot of neat things.

But one thing that you might not like is how it can actually drive up your energy bills, even during cooler months. Yes, as much as you love your fireplace, it’s not the energy savings friend you thought it was.

At least, it’s not without these tips. Here’s what you can do to make sure your fireplace doesn’t increase your energy bills:

1. Close Your Damper When You Don’t Have a Fire Going

Leaving your fireplace damper open is like opening a window all the way during fall or winter. What happens is that your fireplace attracts the hot air from in your home, while also creating a vacuum that also draws cool air in through windows, doors, and any other gaps in your home. Also, check the seal from your damper to make sure it forms a tight fit.

If you never use your fireplace and simply like the look, seal the chimney flue. Also, to minimize heat loss when you’re actually burning a fire, you might consider only partially closing your damper.

2. A Few Accessories You Might Consider

With these accessories, you must use them correctly. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions perfectly. You may consider using an airtight fireplace insert. Glass doors and covers can also be used. You can use your damper. And if you’re not going to use your fireplace, consider getting a flue sealer, which inflates to prevent heat from escaping.

3. Consider a Fan or Electric Blower

To make more of the heat that your fireplace creates, consider putting a fan or blower near your fireplace to help you circulate the hot air throughout your home. Fireplaces may look neat when they burn, but they need a little help to increase their efficiency.

4. Retrofitting Is Another Option

With retrofitting, you usually deepen the firebox and include vents to bring in air from the outside. This can provide a big boost to the efficiency of your fireplace. However, it’s of course going to come with additional costs.

So, you can have the best of both worlds: a charming fireplace and energy efficiency. You just have to make sure you use your fireplace in an energy-efficient way and make modifications as necessary.

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