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Blog Mar 23, 2017

Spring is Coming! How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Each Room of Your Home

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We love providing our customers with useful tips to save money on their monthly energy bill. But this week, we wanted to give you tips to reduce energy on a room-by-room basis. Now that the weather is getting warmer, and Spring is near, we wanted to give you all tips to make your home as efficient as possible! Here are some things to consider as the weather warms up.

Bedroom: The majority of the time we spend in our bedrooms is spent sleeping. While we are no stranger to blasting the A/C to have a restful sleep, using ceiling and floor fans can be a huge benefit in keeping your bills down. However, the only thing fans do is cool people and circulate air around the room, they do not cool the room. Therefore, it wouldn’t be in your favor to keep your fans on day and night in an effort to lower your bill. Keep the fans off when you’re not in the room.

Kitchen: You, like most, find that you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. The kitchen can be a central place in the home, which likely means it uses a lot of energy. As the temperatures warm up, consider taking meals outside. Grill outdoors if you are able. By keeping your oven and stovetop off, you will be keeping the temperature of the kitchen low. Plus, who doesn’t want to enjoy their meal in the beauty of the outdoors? If you do not have a grill, try to use your microwave instead of your stove for heating small goods. Also, be sure to only run your dishwasher when it is completely full.

Laundry Room: This should seem like a no-brainer, but here’s an easy tip; we always recommend air drying clothes before resorting to using your dryer. Put a line in your back yard, or simply hang your clothes over a railing, and they should be dry in no time under the Texas sun.

Garage: You may be asking, why are they giving me tips on how to save energy in my garage? Well, you’d be surprised how much A/C escapes your home through the garage, if it is attached to your house. One easy way to keep their air conditioning from seeping out of your doorframes is to weather strip the bottom of your garage door, as well as the door that enters your home.

We hope that these energy savings tips help you and your family this Spring!

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