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Blog Dec 13, 2012

10 Ways to Save Money on Electricity during the Holidays

Energy Saving
save money on electricity

The holiday season is all about lights, holiday parties and decorations—all of which requires more electricity usage than usual. With all of the demands of the season, it can be challenging to think of ways to save money. However, your electric bill doesn’t have to skyrocket this holiday. There are plenty of ways to save money on electricity, and they’re all a lot easier than one might think. Follow these great tips and tricks to save electricity during the busiest time of the year.

Here are 10 ways you can Save Money on Electricity

1. Save Electricity by Putting your Christmas lights on a Timer.

Few things compare to the glow of Christmas lights during the holiday season, but for homeowners everywhere, that display comes at a cost. And with so many things going on during the holidays at any given time, remembering to turn lights off is not always an easy matter. Rather than leaving them to glow all night, save electricity by simply putting the lights on a timer so they turn on and off at the same time each day. For Christmas tree lights, this is particularly important as they could pose possible safety risks when left on all night. Relying on timers is not only convenient but allows you to focus on other things as you can go about your tasks knowing your electricity use is being controlled.


2. Use LED lights for decorations.

For many, holiday decorations are kept for years to be pulled out for use during a short span. Over time, the lights and other adornments that get put up annually are improved upon by manufacturers and are put on the market as a more budget-friendly option to past decorations. This is the case with lights, as many people still hold onto their older incandescents while more energy efficient versions are available. Of these different types of lights, LED lights take the prize this holiday season as the best for the fact that not only do they use far less energy to provide a holiday glow, they also last much longer than less efficient lights. If you are hoping to save this holiday season, be sure to purchase and use LED lights whenever possible.


3. Start Saving Money by Lowering the thermostat in your home.

The chill of winter often prompts homeowners to adjust the temperature within their home on a daily basis. With each use of the heater or air conditioning, more electricity and power are used in order to regulate conditions. It is for that reason that in order to save electricity, you should take the time to lower your thermostat temperature setting. You do not have to let your house’s temperature drop to an unbearable level but keeping things a bit cooler and just bundling up a bit more around your home is an easy method to save on electricity. You can even use a programmable thermostat to turn down the temperature at night as you sleep and turn it back up before you wake up to save without even having to feel the effects of the cold.


4. Go fiber-optic and start saving this season.

From trees to lights, it is certainly trendy to go fiber-optic. Much like LEDs, fiber-optic lights and decorations can save money and electricity as they emit light from a single source but through several fibers. The saving comes into play based on how fiber-optics focus their light, which is done in a singular direction using more energy than LEDs but doing so in a controlled manner. In the event that a fiber-optic artificial tree is purchased, the fiber-optics will actually come attached to the tree which allows them to light the entire house with minimal equipment and use.


5. Turn the house lights off when your decorations are aglow.

With so many lights on during the holiday season, it’s hard to think about the fact that the glow of standard light fixtures may not be the only things illuminating homes. One easy way to save money on electricity this holiday season is to rely on Christmas lights as a method of lighting. They will help to provide spaces a festive source of fluorescence while saving individuals on the cost of electricity. For those spaces that have a mixture of holiday and standard lights, it’s good practice to turn off the everyday bulbs and allow the seasonal ones to shine.


6. Cook all of your holiday goodies in one day and save electricity.

One way you can definitely save electricity is to do all of your holiday baking and cooking in one day. In homes, appliances are a huge source of the energy consumption, making the act of using them extremely costly. There is a way to get around that, simply maximizing their use once in order to minimize their overall expense. As you go about preparing to whip up some holiday goodies, choose a day for all of the special baking and cooking and make sure you have your ingredients ready. This single day’s effort will reduce the amount of electricity you use and make cooking a bit less costly.


7. Save Electricity by Decorating your House with Candles.

During the holiday season, candles are pretty and inexpensive decorations for the home. Their true benefit is the fact that they can light up spaces without using any electricity at all. This year, consider decorating your house with candles and start a new trend with your family. It is important to always be cautious with the use of candles as they should never be left unmonitored and should be kept out of the reach of children. Candles should also be placed away from Christmas trees, wrapping paper, and other flammable substances in order to protect your home from fire danger.


8. Turn off all electronics before leaving on holiday trips.

If you’re going on vacation for the next month or so, be sure to turn off all lights and unplug all devices that may pull electricity, even when not in use, such as computers, televisions, charging devices, etc. Even in the event you are not planning on being away for an extended period of time, it is always wise to power down your electronics. Be aware that though electronic devices are powered down, they can still drain energy if left plugged in because of something known as vampire energy. Before you leave for your trip, do a quick sweep of your home to make sure your electronics don’t cost you unnecessarily.


9. Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.

To save money, be sure to use rechargeable batteries whenever possible. This includes for appliances, toys given as gifts, and any other electrical source that could alternatively be used with batteries. There a number of benefits to these devices as not only do they allow for multiple uses, they are better for the environment, and eliminate the hassle of having to run out to the store to buy more. In comparison to disposable varieties, rechargeable batteries were actually found to last longer on a single charge, allowing you to save more while getting greater use out of them.


10. Use Energy Star-rated equipment this holiday season.

The push to more energy-efficient products is not limited to Christmas lights as a number of products are now Energy Star-rated, indicating their optimal use of electricity. Energy Star is a government agency aimed at protecting the environment and helping individuals and businesses to save money. Their stamp of approval is meant to serve as an indicator to consumers that a device has the potential to save you money on electricity. For those with older appliances, be sure to give them an inspection and consider replacing them with Energy Star-compliant equipment. This can allow you to save on everything from the refrigerator, to the stove and other appliances.

What other money saving tips do you have to save electricity?

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