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Blog Sep 10, 2014

Save Energy with These School Supplies

Energy Saving

It’s not all about your home when it comes to saving energy. The best way to save energy long-term is to teach the current generation the value of it and how to do it.

So check out this list of cool supplies that make saving energy a blast for the younger people in your life:

1. Bedol’s Water-Powered Alarm Clock

It doesn’t use one bit of electricity. All that’s used is water – and that’s it. It’s cheap (just $19). All you have to do is fill the tank with water, and then it keeps the time with incredible accuracy for 8-12 weeks.

There’s even a built-in memory chip, so that when you change the water, your time will still be spot-on.

2. Laptop Lunch Bento Boxes

Do you like to use plastic or paper bags for your lunch? Not only is disposing of them all the time damaging to the environment, but it’s costly for your budget too.

These particular lunch boxes are made from recyclable materials. And if you have a business-oriented mind, they pay for themselves in under 3 weeks.

These lunchboxes don’t let all your food heap together – they have separate compartments to keep everything apart.

3. The Eco Staple-Free Stapler

Can a stapler really be staple-free? It can now with this stapler. Rather than using metal staples which end up in our nation’s landfills, it cuts a thin paper strip that it uses to stitch paper together. It can handle up to four pages. You and your children also won’t get injured if you accidentally “staple” your fingers.

4. Vampire Proof Chargers

Remember how vampire energy loss is when you have a fully charged device, or it’s disconnected from the charger – but the charger keeps using energy? This charger completely eliminates that. Now you don’t have to remember to plug into a power strip and turn the whole thing off.

5. Array Solar Backpacks

What could you possibly need with a solar backpack? Set it in the sun for a few hours and you can use the energy to charge your smartphone, tablet PC, or laptop.

Who’d Have Thought Saving Energy Could be So Fun?

All of these tips are a blast to implement in your (or your child’s) life. Consider how you can teach your children to save energy with them, and make sure you browse the internet for more fun and novel ideas.

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