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Blog Oct 5, 2015

How to Save Energy with Your Car

Energy Saving

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Most blog posts talk about saving gas with your car. But it’s important to save energy other ways too. Learn some of those in this post from Payless Power.

When you think about cars and energy savings, everyone wants to tell you about saving gas and driving more efficiently.

No doubt that’s important. And we’ll even review some of those tactics today. But there’s many other ways to save energy too.

Let’s check them out right here:

1. Don’t Let Your Car Idle for More than 10 Seconds

Sometimes, you have to run in the house and grab your smartphone. Others, you have to quick go in the gas station and grab a drink. It’s okay to let your car idle then.

But beyond that, try to avoid it. It wastes more fuel than shutting your car off and starting it again.

2. Clean and Change Your Air Filter

You usually hear this tip in relation to HVAC systems. How often you change your air filter
depends on your type of vehicle and the kind of driving you do. Chevy says you should change your air filter every 45,000 miles. Hyundai says this should be 30,000 miles, but it’s wise to shorten that to 15,000 miles if you frequently drive in hot weather, on unpaved roads, or in dusty conditions.

It’s another gas-saving tip.

3. Consider Getting a Tune-Up

Look your vehicle up online and see what kind of gas mileage you should get. Or, if you’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in your fuel efficiency, think about a tune-up too.

A tune-up doesn’t guarantee you improved gas mileage and energy efficiency. But, it certainly improves the odds.

4. Follow Manufacturer Spec if You Do Your Own Repairs

Manufacturers put specific specifications in place to help your car perform at optimal levels at all times. So if you inflate the tires, change the oil, or put on new bearings, do it all as recommended. Plus, you’ll save yourself some additional repairs too.

5. Does Your Employer Participate in Subsidized Mass Transit?

If they don’t, ask if they’re eligible to participate in one. Many communities have grants available for employers.

6. Avoid Commuting to Work the Same Time as Everyone Else (Or work from home)

In just 5 years, around 40% of America’s workforce will work from home. If that’s a possibility for you, maybe it’s time to have that conversation with your boss. Just make sure you can show him how it’s going to make you more productive.

If you can’t, try negotiating your work schedule so you come in and leave before or after rush hour traffic. It’s rarely necessary for you to actually be at work for certain hours.

Some of those changes are innovative, and others maybe you already knew. Either way, they help make our world a better place.

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