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Blog Mar 10, 2016

How to Save Energy at Work

Energy Saving

You’ve learned dozens of ways to save energy at home by now. But let’s talk about what to do at work.

You might be the owner of a small business. You could also have some authority, like being a supervisor or manager. But even if you’re an employee, you can still make a difference.

Here’s some things to look at:

1. Light Bulbs, and How You Use Lighting

Does your company at least use CFLs for all lighting? If you have plenty of free capital, do you use LEDs? Do you turn the lights off in rooms where employees don’t work?

Don’t these strategies sound strikingly familiar to home energy use? Except you experience even more energy savings at your company because more people are involved.

2. Watch the Temp on Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Again, just like at your home, set your thermostat to a fair setting that makes everyone comfortable. The savings will be more because of the larger spaces.

3. Remind Employees to Shut Down their Computers at the End of the Day

The typical PC user can save around $35 by shutting down their computer when each day finishes. Don’t listen to talk about it “being harder on the electronics and taking more energy to turn the computer on and off.”

Those beliefs may have had some credibility in the earlier days of computers. But not so much anymore.

Also, make sure you set your computer to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. Let’s be honest – it’s hard to remember to manually put your computer on sleep during the hectic work day.

4. Use Daylight Where You Can

Not only is daylight better for your mood and health, but you can use it to reduce your energy bills too. If it’s possible to use the sun to light rooms in your office, do it.

5. Replace Water Coolers with Energy-Efficient Ones

It’s definitely much healthier to drink water than carbonated drinks. It’s good your company recognizes that. Now take what you do even one step further by replacing that standard water cooler with an energy-efficient one.

6. Get Energy Star Appliances

Yes, your office probably doesn’t use appliances as much as you do at home. But it’s still an opportunity for energy savings. If it’s time to replace those appliances, get Energy Star approved ones for additional savings.

If you don’t have a position of power at work, be the inspiring example everyone else could follow. Whisper in your boss’s ear that you could save your company energy and money. And you could market to your customers how green you are.
Everyone wins when you save energy at work!

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