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Blog Mar 10, 2016

Energy Saving Tips at Work

Energy Saving

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workplace energy conservation

The day-to-day activities required of jobs are meant to help businesses towards their goals, even as they can incur a cost. Everything from renting the facilities to ensuring the lights turn on and the water runs comes as an expense for companies. You may be the owner of a small business or hold some other position of authority, like as a supervisor or manager, in which you can have a profound impact on the amount that is spent each month. Even if you’re an employee however, you can still make a difference as there are numerous methods for cutting the energy used in your role. As you go about doing your everyday tasks, consider implementing these simple changes to reduce your energy usage.

The following are 10 energy saving tips for your office:

1. Light Bulbs & How You Use Lighting

For companies, energy efficient lighting may not be something that has been widely adopted. While most are content to use incandescents to power offices, they would be better served by exchanging those bulbs for more efficient ones. At the very least, CFLs are able to more efficiently emit light, converting the bulk of the energy they are supplied with into a glow. In comparison, incandescents only turn about 20-30% of their energy into light. For those who work for companies with a bit more capital to work with, switching to LEDs will be even more effective as they are even more efficient with energy. Coupled with this switch, it is important to be wise in actual energy usage. That means turning off lights in empty spaces or minimizing the number of unnecessary light sources turned on at one given time can also help.

2. Watch the Temp on Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Just as within your home, the use of the heat and the air conditioning within your office consume a significant amount of energy. The larger the office space or the temperature fluctuation, the more energy will end up being required. This does not have to be the case as setting your office thermostat to a fair setting that makes everyone comfortable can be energy efficient as well. Given the size of the office, the savings can be even more significant. Other energy saving tactics can be used in order to supplement the change in temperature without having to use energy. Opening windows and allowing air to circulate and cool the climate within the building is one method or seeing if you can have ceiling fans installed can also be beneficial.

3. Remind Employees to Shut Down their Computers at the End of the Day

A common misconception held by some is that shutting a computer down requires more energy than simply turning it off. In reality, the advances that have been made with computer energy usage allow the typical PC user to save around $35 by shutting down their computer when each day finishes. And for those moments when you have to do some running around in the office, you’ll want to be able to limit your computer’s energy usage should you not be able to simply turn it. To help yourself out with this, make sure you set your computer to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. This will minimize its energy usage should you not have an opportunity to quickly shut it down.

4. Use Daylight Where You Can

There are a number of notable benefits to getting sunlight in the office. Not only does it help to promote better mood and health, but you can use it to reduce your energy bills too. The natural light can help keep you from having to use electricity to illuminate your spaces. During the winter and on colder days, you can uncover windows and allow the sunlight to warm up the spaces naturally instead of using the heat to raise the temperature. When that happens, covering the windows as the sun sets will help to keep the heat within the building. In the opposite manner, keeping windows covered during the summer will help to limit overheating and enable the management of a comfortable environment.

5. Replace Water Coolers with Energy Efficient Ones

Staying hydrated is important in the workplace as it increases alertness and productivity. Having a water cooler in the office is one way to help out your company and coworkers, but in doing so it is equally important to make sure that the cooler is energy efficient. As a device that requires energy to manipulate water temperature, finding a cooler that is able to keep that usage to a minimum will save money. As is the case with a growing list of products, there are efficient ones available for purchase that can cut energy usage by 30%. That will pay off over time, especially in the event there are multiple coolers within your building.

6. Get Energy Star Appliances

Just like with water coolers, the list of energy efficient appliances goes even further and includes everything from air purifiers, thermostats, refrigerators, and computers. The most efficient on the market are given Energy Star certifications, which act as an indicator to consumers and businesses that their usage will cut energy costs. Though your office may not use appliances as often as you use them within your homes, investing in those that will help promote savings can go a long way. Especially in the event you have an appliance that needs to be replaced, be sure to advise your office to select an Energy Star approved one for additional savings.

7. Keep Your Vents Clear

With the likes of desks, drawers, and other office materials, there are a number of objects that can obstruct air from being circulated within the workspace. While this can be believed to only thwart the flow of air in the office, it can also use a considerable amount of energy unnecessarily. In fact, it can take up to twenty-five percent more energy to supply a workplace with air when the vents are blocked than when they are unblocked. Do a quick scan of your workspace to see if you are contributing to this and be sure to clear the vents if so. Go about your office and see if you can spot other opportunities to clear vents and spread the word to your coworkers to enlist their assistance as well.

8. Make an Office-wide Savings Goal

Individual efforts can play a big part in the energy that is saved for a company, but the effect of these actions can be even more profound when multiple workers are able to join together in cutting energy usage. As a result, expanding the scope of your attempts to make a dent in consumption by opening it up to your team or the company as a whole can be a great means of seeing the reduction that you are hoping for. To propel that even further, set some goals. These goals will act as a progress indicator and as a mark for the group to shoot for. Providing any updates you can to help people understand how their actions are affecting the energy use will help to get you on track or keep you there.

9. Motion Detecting Lights

Beyond simply changing the bulbs within the lights that illuminate office spaces, you can also see if you can get your employer to install motion detection lights. As their name would suggest, these lights would only flicker on when someone is in the space and would automatically turn off after a period of inactivity. As an expense that makes up roughly 20% of the electricity used in the United States, lighting is one place where companies can truly benefit from saving. Putting motion detecting lights within hallways, bathrooms, and other spaces where it may not be necessary to keep lights on at all times will prove quite helpful and will help to stop needless energy use.

10. Advocate for a Work From Home Day

One easy way to save energy that can earn employee support is granting individuals the ability to work remotely from time to time. During this stretch, the energy that is typically used as workers go about their everyday duties is not being consumed but the needs of the company are still being met. For employees, this eliminates the need to travel to and from work and can make accomplishing the day’s items more comfortable from within everyone’s respective home. There are also meeting applications and secure networks that can be utilized to ensure things continue at their usual pace with the same security they have within the office. Offering these kinds of days to teams or whole office buildings will eliminate the energy consumed for lighting and temperature control. Consider suggesting it to a supervisor to see if the company is open to the idea to save energy and cut costs.

Though it is easy to conclude that a position of power is necessary to save energy at work, everyone can play a part and contribute to the savings that are done. Even if you don’t have a high-ranking title, you can still be the inspiring example that everyone else can follow. Be an advocate for wise energy practices with your supervisor and be sure to indicate that you could save your company energy and money. And as an added bonus, you could market to your customers how green your practices are. Use these tips to drop your consumption and save energy at work!

Share these energy saving tips with your office to save on energy!

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