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Blog Apr 7, 2014

How to Help Your Teen Reduce Their Energy Use

Energy Saving

When you think of Spring, you start to think of graduation. And graduation reminds you of your teenagers. Hey, at least they made it this far in life without hurting themselves!

How to Help Your Teen Reduce Their Energy Use

Because much of the energy efficiency issues our nation faces are related to consumer use, it’s wise to address the issue while your teens are just getting ready to move out. Then, when they’re in college, hopefully they know more about saving money and conserving energy so they don’t have to be calling home as much asking for more.

Here are the biggest ways you can help your teen save energy:

1. Unplug everything when you’re done.

Laptops, smartphones, and MP3 players should be unplugged when your teen is done using them. The same goes for all electronic appliances (TVs, dishwashers, microwaves…) too. They can consume energy even when turned off and not operating. This also increases the life of appliances, helping them save even more money.

2. Turn it off instead of using sleep mode.

The sleep mode feature of any electronic device simply reduces energy use, rather than eliminating it entirely. Teach your teen to turn things off totally when they’re done so they don’t waste power and require charging again later.

3. Buy used clothing.

This seems like a strange one, doesn’t it? But, keep in mind it takes energy to produce new clothing. Your teen won’t notice an immediate benefit, but they will help the environment. Plus, they get used to the idea they won’t have a ton of money to buy designer clothing during college.

4. Turn off the faucet and take short showers.

Leaving the faucet on while brushing your teeth uses two gallons of water per minute. Showers are more efficient than baths, but still consume a fair amount of water.

5. Carpool with friends whenever possible.

They have to do it now that they don’t have their own vehicle. When they get on campus, they may not even be able to have one. And when they get that first job, they may carpool with other employees to work. They might as well get into the habit now and help reduce the gas our country consumes.

6. Buy reusable grocery bags.

They may eat on campus or go to a grocery store. If they do go to a grocery store, they should use reusable bags, and some stores offer discounts for doing so. Remind them to think of the energy saved because not as many plastic bags will be produced. They won’t realize a benefit for themselves, but it will help them to care for the world at large.

If you show your teens these tips, they’ll be set up to help you save money now and to save themselves money and energy in the future.

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