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Blog Nov 21, 2016

Home Maintenance Tips to Save You Money This Fall!

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means we are already feeling the holiday spirit! But did you know that Fall is the best time to start winterizing your home? Think about it: are you going to want to be checking the drafts on your windows and doors when the temperatures have dropped? Better yet, are you going to want to even feel the draft? It is best to be prepared for winter now, and warm for when it comes! If you start early in Fall, you’ll save all Winter long!

1. Boost your home humidity levels

Adding a humidifier and even house plants to your home or bedroom can moisten the air. Moist air makes your home feel warmer at lower temperatures. You can also place shallow pans of water on radiator tops or close to warm air vents.

2. Got leaks? The time to fix them is now!

We aren’t just talking water leaks, but all leaks around your home: windows, doors, electrical outlets, outdoor water faucets, fireplaces and baseboards. Fixing a leaky home is inexpensive, easy and can last you for seasons. Sealing air leaks can fight humidity issues, poor indoor and outdoor air quality, drafts and cold spots.

3. Don’t forget about your thermostat!

If your thermostat is turned down 10 degrees Fahrenheit while at work and while you are sleeping, approximately 16 hours, you can save 14% on your heating bill. It doesn’t make sense to have your thermostat blasting all day when you are not home, only to feel slightly warmer upon arriving home from work!

4. Change your HVAC filters

Replacing the filters on your heating and cooling systems allows your systems to run efficiently. Here’s a tip: write the date which you changed your filter on the filter itself. This will help you remember when it is time to swap it out again, or set a reminder in your phone! It is also a good idea to schedule bi-annual checkups on your HVAC system. This can help you save 10-15% on your monthly utilities.

5. Weatherize and winterize your windows!

Did you know that bubble wrap can be placed over your windows to keep cool air drafts from getting in your home? It may sound strange, but it can make a huge difference in your electricity bill! You can buy a window insulation kit or just get some double-sided tape and bubble wrap for a fun DIY project! There are plenty of DIY window weatherization tutorials online to help you.

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