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Blog Jan 17, 2012

Energy Efficiency, Dallas: Myths and Truth about Conserving Energy!

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There are many ideas and opinions about conserving energy that simply aren’t true. As your retail electric provider, Payless Power would like to dispel some of the myths and truths for our customers who are concerned about energy efficiency in Dallas. Also, due to changes in product and service technology, many of the original ideas about saving energy have changed throughout the past decades. Here are some myths that we can clarify for you.

  • Can it really make a difference if we conserve energy? While it is true that one household or business may not make a big difference, if we add up all the households and businesses and total their energy usage over time, it obviously does make a big difference in the big picture of energy conservation in the Dallas area.
  • Should we turn our lights on and off when we leave or enter a room? Years ago this was true, but with today’s electrical metering it does not make a difference. The short spike of energy when a light is turned on is so minimal that it does not really affect the amount of energy you are using. Consequently, it does not increase the cost of your electricity!
  • If we set our thermostats extremely low or high, will we be cooler or hotter sooner? This myth is not true, thanks to modern heating and air conditioning units. What we all should do is set our thermostats at the desired temperatures and leave them alone! There is no advantage to setting it at extreme highs or lows!
  • Does it shorten the life of a light bulb or even a computer when it is turned on and off? The answer to this one is NO! The life of your light bulb is based on the length of time or hours it is used, so turning it off actually extends its life. As for your computer, the answer is the same. Simply turn it off at the end of the day. Chances are that the computer will be obsolete before its actual life is over anyway!
  • If we do choose to be energy conscientious, won’t it inevitably mean we will be cold in the winter months and hot in summer months? We will never be comfortable! The truth is that energy waste is the main problem. An old furnace or air conditioning unit, or lack of insulation, should be of more concern. If we can ignore outdated energy-saving practices and optimize our usage of energy, we can be comfortable at home or at work!

As you can see, there are many outdated myths regarding energy conservation and efficiency. Payless Power, your retail electric provider, wants to keep our customers up to date on current energy-saving practices. Hopefully by dispelling some old myths and exposing the truths of energy conservation we can help you keep your energy costs down and be comfortable at home and at work. As individuals we can make a difference in the big picture of energy efficiency in Dallas!

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