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Blog Dec 28, 2018

Bright Ideas Weekly Contest Rules

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We love our weekly contest, and we know you all love winning free electricity. With all of this knowledge, we’ve decided to make some changes to our weekly contest to give customers more chances to win. And who doesn’t want more chances to win? That’s why we’re proud to announce an enhanced weekly contest -- the Payless Power’s Bright Ideas Contest. Because more ways to win sounds like a bright idea to us. The premise of the weekly contest is the same as it has always been. We ask a trivia question on our Facebook page on Mondays and you have the opportunity to answer the question throughout the week. We select a winner from the correct responses on Friday and give that person a $100 credit on their Payless Power account. The key change is that now you can complete additional tasks to earn extra entries. Those tasks could change week to week, so make sure to follow Payless Power’s social media channels closely throughout the week

Official Rules

Before you head over to our Facebook page to enter, take a look at the full contest rules for extra details on each week’s contest.



#1: Who can enter?

You MUST be a Payless Power customer in order to enter the Bright Ideas contest each week. All of our customers, regardless of their type of plan, are welcome and encouraged to play each week. However, family members and other members who live in the same household as a Payless Power customer may also enter. For example, a husband may enter the contest even if his wife’s name is on the Payless Power account. However, all entries will be associated with a single name. So, if the same husband answers the Facebook question, but his wife completes an extra entry opportunity, they will not be associated with one another.


#2: How do I enter?

In order to be eligible for the weekly prize, customers must correctly answer the trivia question posted on Payless Power’s Facebook page on Mondays. While there are other optional opportunities to earn extra entries, correctly answering the weekly trivia question is required to be eligible to win. If you don’t answer the question on Facebook right, none of your additional entries will count. If multiple members of your household are using different social media accounts to participate in the weekly contest, each member will be required to answer the weekly contest.

Since leaving a Facebook comment is required, you will need a Facebook account to play. We will be offering optional additional entry opportunities across our other social media channels, including Twitter and Instagram. In order to earn those extra entries, users will need to have accounts on those platforms as well.  


#3: When does it start and end each week?

The Bright Ideas contest will go live every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. CST. Once the contest has gone live on our Facebook page, we will be sending out little reminders on our Twitter and Instagram profiles to remind our customers that the contest is live. Even though we will be posting reminders on these other channels, remember that you MUST comment on the Facebook post to be eligible to win.

The contest will remain open until 10:00 a.m CST on Fridays. This means you have more than four full days to enter and win each week. Any entries after 10:00 a.m. CST on Fridays will not be counted. Once the blog is closed each Friday, a winner will be chosen by 4 p.m. CST and an alert will be sent out on our social media pages to keep all weekly players informed.


#4: How detailed should my answer be?

When it comes to answering each week’s question, the more original your answer the better likelihood you have to win. Try to avoid copying and pasting the answer directly from the Bright Ideas blog, instead reword the answer into your own words to stand out among all the other entries. Your answer does not need to be super detailed, it just needs to clearly state the correct answer to that week’s question.


#5: How can I earn extra entries?

Each week we will share opportunities for you to earn extra entries to win our Bright Ideas contest. Be sure to stay active on our social media pages so you don’t miss the opportunity to win extra entries. Some examples of opportunities to earn extra entries include, but are not limited to:

  • Follow Payless Power on Twitter or Instagram
  • Participate in a poll on Twitter
  • Respond to a question on Instagram
  • Leave a review on our Facebook page
  • Share or retweet a Payless Power post

But beware – not all of these will count as extra entries each week. For example, following Payless Power on Instagram one week might allow you to earn an extra entry, but the following week you may need to answer a poll on Twitter. We will post a list of all extra entry opportunities on our Instagram Story each Monday. 24 hours after that story goes live, we will move that story into an Instagram Highlight.

#6: Are there a maximum number of entries I can earn?

All participants will be able to earn up to five (5) entries for each week’s Bright Ideas contest. One of those entries MUST be a comment with the correct answer to the weekly trivia question, which must be commented on the original Bright Ideas contest post that goes live each Monday.

We will be posting a list of extra entry opportunities on Mondays on our Instagram Story. We will then add that story to the “Extra Entry Hints” highlight so that customers can access the list throughout the week. Customers can only earn one extra entry for each opportunity. For example, if you can earn an extra entry for sharing an energy-saving tip with Payless Power, only one tip will count toward a single user’s weekly total.

Some weeks, users will have the opportunity to earn extra entries by leaving a review. A user’s ability to earn entries for a review is not dependent upon that user leaving a positive review. When reviews are requested for additional entries, we want to hear honest feedback. However, in order for a review to be counted as an extra entry, it must have substantial content. In cases where reviews are requested, Payless Power will accept past reviews as submissions. For example, instead of customers writing multiple reviews in order to earn extra entries, Payless Power will accept a link to past review as equivalent to writing a new review.


#7: What will I win?

The winner of each week’s Bright Ideas contest will earn a $100 credit toward their Payless Power account. Once the winner provides their name and account number to the Payless Power team, it takes 1-3 days for the credit to appear on the winner’s account.


#8: How long does the winner have to claim their prize?

Once the winner is alerted, they have 72 hours to claim their prize. We will be announcing the winner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so all participants are aware a winner has been chosen. The winner will receive a comment on their correct answer on Facebook asking them to send a direct message to Payless Power on Facebook with their full name and account number.

If Payless Power does not receive a direct message from the winner by the 72-hour limit, another winner will be chosen. The same time period for claiming one’s winnings applies to the second winner.


#9: What else should I know?

The Payless Power Bright Ideas contest is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other channel that the contest may extend to in the future. 


Have questions about the new contest rules? Ask us on Facebook!


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