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Blog Oct 15, 2018

Six Awesome Apps To Help Manage Your Credit


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Thursday, October 18, 2018, is National Get Smart About Credit Day, so we're sharing six of the best apps out there for credit management. These tools make it easier to monitor and understand your credit score, which makes it easier to try and improve your score. Check out these apps and get ahead of your credit.

Get ahead of your credit with the help of these 6 credit management apps.

Knowing how to manage your credit can seem confusing and stressful. Luckily, technology is here to help and we have found a few apps that will make managing your credit easier. Below are six apps that will help you manage your credit and make sure you get the most out of National Get Smart About Credit Day!


Credit Karma

The Credit Karma app is a great tool to manage your credit for free, which makes it even better. There are three main features to the Credit Karma app that make managing your credit a breeze. First, you get access to your credit score, credit report and receive credit monitoring, which is powered by your TransUnion credit report information. Your TransUnion credit score can vary from your FICO credit score, which is the score most lenders use when evaluating your creditworthiness. That means Credit Karma, like most of the apps below, provide a good ballpark number but may not always be exactly aligned with your FICO score. A second helpful feature of Credit Karma is the ability to access information about what affects your credit score and suggestions for ways to improve your credit score. Finally, Credit Karma also has a recommendations feature. This gives you suggestions for financial products, like credit cards and investment accounts, that can help you save money at the end of the day.


Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a free credit app that is focused on monthly credit management. This app offers monthly credit scores, credit monitoring, debt planning tools and provides your current debt balances from the previous month. The app provides an Experian credit score, so similar to Credit Karma, you could see discrepancies between your score in the app and the score lenders provide when running a traditional credit report. This app is a useful tool in keeping a close eye on your debt accumulation and how it may vary from month to month.


Mint.com Personal Finance

Like the two previous apps, this app gives you the ability to track and manage your credit. But this app offers you the option to track your spending, which can be incredibly useful in understanding your monthly expenses. Mint.com is working with your bank account and credit card transactions to average and calculate your spending habits. Being able to clearly see where you are spending money is important if you are on a budget. Luckily, this app also offers budgeting options. Mint.com is not an app that offers money transfers, but it does offer bill reminders, alerts, and notifications for all your credit and banking needs.


Check: Pay bills, credit cards

Sometimes life gets in the way and bills get forgotten. With the Check app, forgetting bills will no longer be an issue. This app gives you the option to set due dates for bills, schedule payments and pay bills. The Check app also allows you to manage multiple bills, credit cards and bank accounts. Keep in mind, that smaller banks may not be supported by this app, so check this before using the Check app.



Tackling debt is a challenging and daunting task for many. ReadyforZero is an app that will make paying off your debt and bettering your credit easier. All of your debt accounts can be linked to this app in efforts to help you create a payoff plan, monitor your progress and meet your end goal. Missing payments and due dates are not something to worry about with this app, as it sets up reminders for you to make payments and stay away from late fees. This app, similar to others suggested here, is free to download. However, if this app suits you, you can access extra features by upgrading to a paid version of the app.


Wallaby Credit Card Rewards

Credit card reward programs are becoming more and more common. But oddly enough, many people may not be getting the most out of all the benefits available to them through their credit card reward programs. Wallaby Credit Card Rewards is the perfect app for getting the most out of your rewards. This app helps you see which credit cards have the most useful rewards and which can help you earn the most rewards back when spending your money.


Managing your credit is something no one likes to think about, but getting ahead of your credit can help a lot in the long run. As we get ready to celebrate National Get Smart About Credit Day, keep these apps in mind the next time you want to check on your credit.

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