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Blog Aug 29, 2016

4 Ways to Use Shade to Keep Heat Out of Your Home

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You don’t need fancy-shmancy ways to save energy in your home. In fact, with decidedly low-tech, low-cost, and long-lasting ideas, you can save just as much or more energy than any modern innovation.

Here’s how you can use shade to block the heat out of your home:

1. Use Window Awnings

We put this tip first for a reason. It saves you a boatload of energy. All you need to do is add awnings to your south and west windows. You can add them to the east too if you have the budget.

Back in the good old days, there used to be services that would put your awnings up for you during the warm summer months. Then, they’d take them down again in winter.

And as an added bonus, awnings also protect your furniture from UV damage.

2. You Might Like a Purgola

Have a large window you want to hide? Purgolas make a great decorative option to add to your home, in addition to the energy savings they can help you experience.

3. Use Blinds or Curtains

You may not be able to stand one or the other of these. So, if you can, pick which one you like and add it to your home. Blinds are very affordable on the web, and plenty of businesses offer free shipping both ways so you can find the perfect ones for your home.

4. Plant Deciduous Trees

“Deciduous” trees are the ones that keep their leaves throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and them lose them in late fall and all of winter. That’s perfect for an energy-saver like you! Those leaves will block the sunlight to your home during the summer, while allowing it through when you need it during the winter.

You may want to talk to an experienced landscaper though. You don’t want a tree known to grow long limbs that fall or with long root systems that can crack the concrete in your foundation.

Why doesn’t anyone think to do any of these things anymore? Honestly, we can’t tell you. However, it could be because they want to sell you a more expensive “solution” to your problem.

But, aren’t the best things in life always simple?

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